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The Mailbox app has finally launched on iOS, but before you start jubilating about how clean your email box will finally be, you’d better download it and start waiting, because the wait to use will be long. Currently, there are over 800,000 users waiting to start using the app. The app provides a new way to access your Gmail on your iPhone.

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After an excruciating wait, we finally have access to Mailbox, the new email client on the block that is making big statements about how “it will change the way you do email”. Keep in mind that there are so many great email clients out there, including Gmail’s native app, Sparrow, and even Apple’s own mail client baked right into iOS (in some ways). So, how does this newcomer stack up?

The first experience in using the app came from the reservation system, which Mailbox says is to make sure that they don’t overload their servers. I joined the queue on the morning it came out, yet I was the 115,586th person in the queue. So much for getting up early. It would take just under a week to finally get my hands on this much-anticipated app.

When I did finally gain access to the app, setup was just a matter…

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What does your email inbox look like? Total mess? Mildly under control? If you’re like most people, your inbox is probably pretty scary. Well, Mailbox is here and it’s helping people just like you and me accomplish the fabled “Inbox Zero”, oh…and on a daily basis!

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I’m really hoping that this method of rolling out new apps to users is not going to catch on.

What I’m talking about in particular is how the team that has developed the new Mailbox app for iPhone and iPad has gone to a “reservation” style rollout.

Basically you decide you want to get the app, it then puts you in a wait queue based on when you signed up. Then, in the case of Mailbox, you can tap the app and see where you are in line and when it’s your turn to get access you are then let in.

You can see in the photo above where I currently am in regards to getting Mailbox access.

The bad news with that photo is that I signed up about 12 days ago and have only moved about 230,000 or so spots closer.

At this rate, I’m looking at getting…

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cloudsCloud is one of the tech buzzwords of the last few years but how many of us really understand, and use, “the cloud”. If we accept that the definition of cloud computing is the use of computing resources that are delivered over a network, then we are all using the cloud every time we use an app on a network connected device that has to contact a server somewhere.

In the real world though, cloud computing means storing your files online if you are a consumer or offering file storage or apps that run on distributed online server networks if you are a provider. Taking the provider scenario first, there are two levels of cloud computing. The first, offering a server/app online, has actually been around for a long time. Websites and mail servers are examples of pure cloud computing.

These days, though, cloud computing is being used to describe…

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Mobile Phones and Environmental Sustainability

Adam M. Johnston, B.A.

Here is something interesting that I had pulled off of Google tonight. It was courtesy of the World Bank, an infograph dealing with the state of mobile phones around the world. I do not know how recent this came out. However, I thought it would be interesting to share and the potential for sustainable development. There were some pretty interesting statistics I found:

For starters, the percentage of where someone can find a cellular phone signal across the globe has increased from 61% in 2003, to 90% in 2010. I would expect that’s even more now in 2013. Heck, developing world has more cell phones than the developed world.

Also 6 billion people have access to mobile phones. Heck even 1 billion people in China have mobile subscriptions. That is just phenomenal!!

To even add further context of this, cellular phone technology, according to the world bank infograph has…

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