Mobile Phones and Environmental Sustainability

Adam M. Johnston, B.A.

Here is something interesting that I had pulled off of Google tonight. It was courtesy of the World Bank, an infograph dealing with the state of mobile phones around the world. I do not know how recent this came out. However, I thought it would be interesting to share and the potential for sustainable development. There were some pretty interesting statistics I found:

For starters, the percentage of where someone can find a cellular phone signal across the globe has increased from 61% in 2003, to 90% in 2010. I would expect that’s even more now in 2013. Heck, developing world has more cell phones than the developed world.

Also 6 billion people have access to mobile phones. Heck even 1 billion people in China have mobile subscriptions. That is just phenomenal!!

To even add further context of this, cellular phone technology, according to the world bank infograph has…

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